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Brenda Gunn
Brenda Gunn began her career in the beauty industry in 1963. At the early age of 7, she was inspired by her mother’s hair stylist to become a master cosmetologist and then later a color and texture specialist. Brenda says “By watching and learning, it sparked a flame and I  knew  this was what I was destined to become. I now love what I do and do what I love!”

In Brenda’s long and vibrant career she has had the opportunity to train with some of our industry’s most respected innovators and professionals. Just name any professional hair care company and chances are that Brenda has trained or been affiliated with most of them at some point in her career. Brenda says that two of the most influential artist she had the privilege of training with was Atlanta’s own, respected stylists, Rita Claiborne and Donald Trammel. Brenda has also had the honor of having her work published in “Goldwell Glosser Magazine.” The best of the best are only honored there! Brenda says, “What fascinates me the most in this industry is the effect I can make on a clients image with the change of color and texture. My passion grows with the transformation I make for each client!” Joining together in 1984, Brenda feels lucky  to have found a team of individuals that she has been able to spend most of her career working diligently beside. Many of these team members are still a part of the Lotus team today!  Tonya Samples Kvapi,l co-owner of salon Lotus says,” I have been so blessed to have  had  Brenda Gunn to guide me through my career. I was 19 years old and knew very little when I met her. I can dedicate a vast majority of my hair color and texture altering knowledge to this fabulous lady! She is a legend in our industry!” If you have a color or texture concern, this seems to be the top lady in Atlanta to see!
Brenda Gunn is a native of Atlanta where she currently resides with her family. She is a woman of God and spends many hours a week at her church strengthening her faith and those around her. Brenda is very active serving her community and family and says that she is happiest when helping others.





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