The Lotus Flower......
At Salon Lotus, the Lotus flower holds so much meaning, so much symbolism, that we've built our entire business around it! It's in our name, our design and its beauty spills over into every thing we do.

In case you didn't now, the lotus flower often flourishes in murky waters. Despite the darkness, the lotus stem rises above, allowing its glorious, breath-taking flower to penetrate the surface and explode its spectacular beauty.

This should be a metaphor for all of our lives! We are all lotus flowers! We all have the power to not only overcome extremely adverse conditions, but to flourish in them as well. Through growth and determination, we can all rise to the top, transforming the ordinary into a thing of beauty and inspiration.

It isn't hard to see why, all across the world, the lotus flower has come to symbolize purity, beauty and all that is good. It embodies long life, good health, honor and good luck. It captures the essence of rebirth and regeneration.

Not surprisingly, the lotus flower is also closely tied to the goddess of wealth - the bringer of prosperity, purity and generosity. Both she and the flower are the embodiment of beauty grace and charm.

We hope that you will join us in our quest to live the lotus life - regardless of what obstacles threaten to block your path......

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